Monday, June 20, 2005

New article up and running

Last week, over on The Horror Channel forums, I found myself in the middle of a ridiculous flame war over another indie slasher movie. During the course of that argument, the filmmaker himself discounted my opinions because I was a mere "videomaker". This week, my opinions are being discounted because I not only didn't like this particular movie, I don't like Kubrick's The Shining either.

Apparently, in order to be a "legitimate" filmmaker, you must never have shot on video (although, that's where this particular filmmaker started) and you must like everything everyone else likes. Or something like that. Horror fans are really weird and touchy. I should know, being a horror fan myself (or a pathetic, lame, b-movie fanboy with talentless friends, according to this filmmaker's rabid fanbase...).

But, anyway, it was my own fault for expressing my opinions in a public forum (and, in the case of The Shining, being paid to write an article in which I express my opinions publically). In any event, far from being at odds with this other guy, I wish him the very best of luck with his projects in the future. Filmmaking is something he believes in, and as a result, believes in himself. Whether I like his movie or not should be of no consequence to him, and I applaud anyone who actually finishes something in this ludicrous business, film, video, or cave painting.

To that end, I offer this: Film Vs. Video: Another Timeless Argument, which just posted on today. This pretty much sums up how I feel about the format elitism.

And with that, I intend to avoid message boards for as long as I can. I give myself a week...

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