Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A couple of links

Been on the phone all day - talking with colleagues, a potential investor and a good friend, a potential distributor, a guy who owes me a bucket of money, etc, while still trying to finish transcribing all the interviews I've done over the past few weeks for Sirens. Seems something has been glued to my ear in one way or another all day.

But it feels like we're getting our ducks in a row to really make 2006 something special. We'll be shooting brand new short and a new feature within the next two months, and I'm getting pretty excited. It's fun to remember what you really want to do and then find the resolve and opportunity to do it.

So, as my last completely-selfish act of my calendar-year, here are a couple of links to peruse: first is Kriscinda's all-zombies-all-the-time blog, Zombie-A-Go-Go. Because I'm in a zombie kinda mood.

The second is my year-end wrap-up that popped up on Wherein I talk about which movies I liked best about 2005. It isn't a long article. If you had a laptop, it would be the perfect piece to read on the john. Apologies if I already posted this. I lose track sometimes...

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