Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Right, so much for frequent updates...

Wanted to let anyone actually reading this know that I have a piece in April's The Spook that I'm quite proud of. It's a parody of Entertainment Weekly's DVD Watch column. Someone please read this and tell me when you "get it". Like I said: quite proud.

Also, Dark Tales Publications just put out an anthology called THE ASYLUM VOL. 2, that contains an old story of mine, "Trapdoor". They credited my entire name for some reason, but what the hell? I'm in print again.

THE RESURRECTION GAME is currently in the hands of Elite Entertainment, or, more specifically, Synapse. They have promised to look at it within a month or so. Regardless, Amy (co-producer, co-star and celebrity) has vowed that, one way or another, it will be finished and available by October. Which makes me wonder what she knows that I don't. The official site has moved and has it's own domain: www.happycloudpictures.com but I haven't had much a chance to update it. Soon. Very soon. Promise.

HOLLYWOOD IS BURNING has moved to www.freewebz.com/hollywoodisburning and has a ton of updates. Neat! It will have it's own domain very soon as well.

The Pittsburgh Comicon this year went very well. Amy set up with Debbie Rochon and there were lines of people snatching up pictures. We hope to do just as well at Creepcon in Baltimore next month. I'm already looking forward to this one. Giles from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER will be there. (Anthony Stewart Head) I'm dying to ask him about playing Frank N. Furter in the touring show of ROCKY HORROR in the mid-90s. Forget those "Taster's Choice" Commercials!

And that's about it for right now. I'm sure that's far more than you wanted to know.