Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Quick Update

A great weekend for friends and family. Mike and Carolyn came over to cook Amy and me dinner, which was fabulous and should happen much more often.

Last night, Don and Megan came up to help us shoot the last effects shot for Abattoir, which is going to be a show-stopper on-screen, I can promise you! (And ironically, it'll be seen very early in the film!) I'm cutting it into the main feature tonight.

Scooter McCrae tells me that he's working overtime to get us music for the film in time for our special sneak preview at Genghis Con on Saturday, 9/16.

And speaking of such things, Fangoria posted this notice about Abattoir and Genghis. Pretty cool of Mr. Gingold, I must say!

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