Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thank you - now vote!

I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. You made it a very special -6th Anniversary of my 40th Birthday. To all of you, have a clam:

Second, I want to bring the Rondo Awards to everyone's attention. Every year, these prestigious awards are granted to the pinnacle examples of classic genre - books, movies, television, events and magazines. And I must say, Sirens of Cinema is woefully under-represented on this year's ballot. And by "under-represented" I mean, not on there at all.

The nice thing about the Rondos, however, is the "Or write in another choice" section, giving the voters a chance to cast their own ballots. Which I'm urging you to do now.

Go HERE, take some time, cast your vote (and don't miss that our good buddy Rich Scrivani's book on his lift with Zacherley is on there too) and do us all a favor and give a little love to Sirens.

Write in for category 10. Best Magazine - "Sirens of Cinema" (if you truly feel this way, which, of course, I'm sure you do.)

Write in for category 11. Best Article - "______" by "_______" from Sirens of Cinema - because, man, we busted our asses last year to bring readers some amazing content! In this category, you can vote for TWO CHOICES!

Category 12 is just not fair. There are some beautiful covers represented there, true, but also some truly lackluster ones - covers that don't come close to Mike Lilly's gatefold cover of Sirens of Cinema #5 or Mike Apice's wrap-around Kong cover from Sirens of Cinema #2. Throw caution to the wind and do a write-in here, too. You'll feel good about yourself all day if you do.

(And I can't help but notice that Genghis Con, PA is not listed among the fine entries of Category 14. Best Convention, but that's not (specifically) the focus of today's little call-to-arms. The Blood Bath: Blood Wrestling event isn't in Category 15 either. Again, beside the point.)

So, again, Go HERE, take some time, cast your vote and do us all a favor and give a little love to Sirens.

We love you, too.