Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's a blog! It's a column! It's a microscope under which all are we!

"Random Acts of Mike Watt" was a blog I started back in 2002 and became the title of a series of columns I wrote for Film Threat a few years later. When I like a title, I really like a title.

The blogging phenomenon caught on and things like columns and essays morphed into the "blog" format. We journalists, back in the day, used to fight and scratch and claw to get our own "columns". Now we just go to Myspace and Blogspot, start an account and begin to blather away about whatever comes to mind. The only difference I can see, between a blog and the columns I've had over the years is that I used to get paid for writing columns. Now I'm super-thrilled if anyone reads me at all. (Which reminds me: subscribe to me! Dammit!)

Film Threat has linked to my blog for the past couple of years, but they've since started the Writer's Corner, where we of the elite can post our own blogs, pretend they're columns, and continue to strut our stuff like we're the heirs-apparent to Dorothy Parker and Edward R. Murrow. And some of us are. Most of us are not. It's up to you to sift through the wreckage to determine which is which.

The sad fact remains that the remaining facts are sad.

So, anyway, I posted my first official "Random Acts of Mike Watt" "column/blog" this morning. You can CLICK HERE to read it. It's very grumpy, just to warn you. I'm not saying said grumpiness is not justified, but there you go. I was a curmudgeon at ten, as my parents like to point out. I'm just a rocking chair and a shotgun away from screaming "You kids get off my lawn!" And by "kids", I mean "humanity"; and by "property", I mean "Earth".

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