Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween, FEAST reviews and promotion

Happy Halloween to one and all! If you subscribe to the hardline Christian belief that this is the most evil day of the year, I suggest you stay inside. If you’re of a more rational mind, say a follower of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer point of view, then evil takes today off and we’re all safe. Whichever. Halloween is more a day where most of the people I know can go outside and not get stared at for a change. And let’s not forget the diabetic comas we’ll all be in come 9:30 tonight!

I love this time of year, personally. It reminds me of being a kid. I’d sit around with my family, carving pumpkins, telling ghost stories, sliding razor blades into apples… ah, nostalgia.

* * *

Reviews for A Feast of Flesh started rolling in a few weeks ago. I was pretty nervous in the beginning because they were all positive. When you get the positive reviews off the bat, you spend the rest of your time looking for the Big White X where you’re sure to be standing when the piano drops from the sky. It’s just the law of averages. In fact, the first few reviews were positively glowing, so I knew that piano would be tied to a dead mule and two rabbi.

But, to my relief, the bad reviews started showing up last week. They trickled in, rather than coming in a deluge like I was expecting, which was also a relief. And, as expected, they completely contradicted the glowing reviews. The reviewers who liked it loved the “twists” on the vampire mythos (using any symbol of belief to ward off the vampires, rather than just a crucifix) and dug the character development. I got a lot of props for my Irish accent. One reviewer called it the most important independent horror film made in the last twenty years, but I think he was biased because I’m such a cool guy.

The people who didn’t like it hated the “twists” on the vampire mythos and loathed my accent. Where one reviewer said I was understated, another said I was completely over the top and miscast. None of this upsets me in the slightest, though. For one thing, if those who hate it just attack me, that’s perfectly fine. My ego is pretty bullet-proof. I’d get annoyed if they personally attacked the other members of the cast, but no one has done that.

With A Feast of Flesh releasing on DVD on November 6, we’re celebrating and promoting like crazy. Click Here for news about the DVD release parties (Cefalo’s on Nov. 8 and The Smiling Moose on Nov. 9). AND, Amy and I will be on Fangoria Radio this coming Friday, November 2. So if you have Sirius Radio, tune in and call in. We plan to be brilliant.

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Donny Ha Corsentino said...

Kudos on not having the piano dropped on you! Now, are you sending me a freebie copy of the DVD for me to review? No?! DAMN YOU MIKE!