Thursday, February 07, 2008

Brief notes before unconsciousness

Okay, I haven't slept for more than two hours at a time in over three weeks, so I'm taking one last shot at relearning the fine art of unconsciousness in a few minutes, but I wanted to bring a few things to everyone's attention.

First, thanks to Jeff Waltrowski, Patrick Desmond and the awesome Alan Rowe Kelly, Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut is 99% complete. Alan (The Blood Shed) stepped in to play the voice of off-camera interviewer, "Devora Simmons" and did a fantastic job. I still have a few more lines to add into the mix, but we can't thank Alan for helping us out. Now go and check out his movies, I'll Bury You Tomorrow and The Blood Shed, both available from Heretic Films.

Jeff and Patrick helped me out with a couple of really startling effects shots that occur later in the film and, again, thanks so much to them both. Jeff is, of course, Splatter Movie's director of photography and Patrick shot a terrific day of Steadicam for us as well. So you should all go and check out Jeff's Project: Valkyrie from Tempe Films (Valkyrie is the best "robots vs. nazis film" since Schindler's List). And you should check out Patrick's star-studded The Absence of Light from York Entertainment.

With Splatter Movie nearing completion, the Happy Cloud clan is turning its attention back to the movie that started it all: The Resurrection Game. Celebrating its 10-year anniversary in October (the script celebrated that anniversary in 2007). We're putting together a brand new anniversary DVD and Jeff, Amy and I are working on a brand new documentary for the disc, featuring interviews with the film's stars (including Ray Yeo and Francis Veltri), menus hosted by the one and only Necro-Phil and at least two commentaries. Plus other surprises. Jeff is currently sifting through over 120 hours of behind-the-scenes video (much of it in terrible, terrible shape, unfortunately). The likelihood of deleted scenes, however, is slim for the primary reason that we shot on film and only transferred the footage we needed to DV. I'll see what I can cull from past work-print versions, however. So this stuff won't be in the best of shape, but for you loyal 2 dozen fans out there, you're in for a treat. Or, at least, an upgrade to the dreadful VHS bootlegs you've been hanging onto all of these years.

Also, you guys should head over and show some love to JimmyO and Debbie Rochon, both of whom have some medical problems that will end happily but could use some support anyway. As everyone knows, we count these two among our very best friends, so let's send them all our best karma, prayers, positive energy and bushels of money.

Yesterday, February 6, marked a number of things and, depending on your beliefs, will either mean a lot to you, or nothing at all. First, it was a New Moon, the last of Winter, which means, according to Wicca, that it's a perfect time to start new projects. Second, it was the beginning of the Chinese New Year--either The Year of the Rat or the Year of the Mouse, depending on what menu you read; whatever, it's a rodent. And for my money, the new year has always felt "newer" on the Chinese New Year. But the better news is for people born between February 1972 and February 1973 (like me). This Year of the Rat/Mouse is YOUR year. Your birth year. It's the perfect time for new ventures, new outlooks on life and good change all around. So, stay tuned for some (hopefully) awesome news for us, since 2008 will be blessed for us.

(And we're on the cusp of a new administration, getting rid of the current band of idiots--apologies to the staff of MAD Magazine. Personally, I don't care WHO gets into office, as long as they make the current guy leave.)

Finally, and more importantly, yesterday saw Amy and my 14th anniversary together. Yes, fourteen years ago yesterday, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and have been happy and healthy together ever since. We've known each other, however, for almost twenty years, now, which is pretty frightening when you think about it. So here's to US, the Nick and Nora of the indie industry (or something like that). Love you, Amy!

Right... I'm going to bed.

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