Friday, January 16, 2009

Sirens of Cinema #14 - Final Issue on Sale Now!

Today, I released this news:

With mixed feelings, publisher Kuiper and editor Mike Watt announce that Sirens of Cinema Magazine will complete its regular quarterly run with the publication of Issue #14, a Collector's Edition. Boasting yet another of their signature gorgeous covers, this time around by Vampirella artist Louis Small, Jr., the women-oriented magazine’s Issue #14 offers interviews with Lucy Lawless (Xena, Bedtime Stories), Zoe Bell (Bitch Slap, Angel of Death), an exclusive pictorial with Sybil Danning, a rare interview with original 'queen' Michelle Bauer and much more.

“The economy has really taken its toll on the country,” says publisher, Kuiper, “and we’d been experiencing the downturn at Sirens almost since the first issue. Costs on everything, particularly paper, have gone up exponentially since 2005 and our readership, while steady and supportive, remained nearly constant over the last three years. With so many publications competing for space on the store shelves, it just didn’t seem feasible to continue pursuing a mass market.”

But don’t take that as a concession of defeat—or that Sirens of Cinema is indeed dead! “Sirens of Cinema will continue on in many different forms over the coming months,” says Kuiper. “Look for special digests—which we’ll be releasing as Sirens of Cinema Presents—on a variety of topics over the coming months, all with our signature brand of feminism and style. Instead of our product being hidden on shelves behind copies of People, we’ll be releasing directly to our core audience, so keep checking the website.”

For the time being, fans and supporters are invited to check out Issue 14, on sale now, and sign up for future announcements via the magazine’s official site at

But, again, don't think of this as the end - maybe of Vol. 2, perhaps - but the beginning of a new metamorphosis. You'll be seeing a whole lot more of "Sirens of Cinema Presents" fare over the coming months.In the meantime, there are too many people out there to thank - our countless talented artists, including this issue's Louis Small, Jr. and Amy Fletcher, our host of talented writers and all of our valued readers.

Thanks so much to you all for making these last three years truly special for me. As I've said before, we could have folded any time between issue 1 and now and I would have felt we'd gone out on a high note.


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Mike said...

Awesome! Glad I'm not getting worse. ;)