Monday, August 03, 2009

Daily Grammar Made Easy

This is primarily for people who consider themselves writers, journalists or reviewers but tweeters, texters, bloggers and updaters should take note as well:

"Look, it's simple: when you're writing out a sentence, sound out its contents for your peace of mind."

In other words: "Look, it's (it is, verb form) simple:

"When you're (you are, verb form) writing out a sentence

"sound out its (no apostrophe on possessives - to what do the contents belong? They belong to it) contents

"for your (no apostrophe on possessives - to whom does the peace of mind belong? The peace belongs to you) peace of mind."

Possessives: his, her, your, our, its.

Verb forms: You're (you are), I'm (I am), it's (it is), he's (he is), she'll (she will), we're (we are).

I know the whole point of the internet is to get it out fast to the world, but we're not lolcats, don't leave our language dying in the ditch. Think about what you want to say and say it. Especially if you're going to pitch me a story or an interview or a review. Even in email, style and grammar matter.

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