Monday, February 04, 2002

Relatively productive weekend.

Had what might possibly be the final photoshoot for THE RESURRECTION GAME. Associate producers Charlie Fleming and Tim Gross came over to the abode, joined shortly there-after by major supporter Jim Steinhoff. Co-Producer Bill Homan got the three gentlement into zombie make-up and then other co-producer Amy Lynn Best shoved them in front of the camera, took pictures of the three dead guys hamming it up. Then I joined in. Then the three producers ourselves got in the picture with the zombies. We even added Necro-Phil into the shots. These will be the only pictures where Amy, Bill and I all appear in the same shot! Usually one of us has to shoot the picture. Even when photographer extraordinaire Theresa Glenn worked for us, we somehow managed to miss getting in together.

Afterwards, we started to brainstorm about my "video Bio" for the upcoming CARNIVAL CD-ROM coming out through Brian Hopkins' Lone Wolf Publications. LWP likes multimedia files for their fiction anthologies, wanted interactive bios, music, that sort of thing. I figured I'd get Charlie to shoot a little interview with me on Mini-DV, but when it came time to do it, I suddenly went blank. I was actually intimidated by my room of close friends. That said close-friends delight on torturing me might have had something to do with it.

I tried using the "Mike Puppet" that Bill built of me - high forehead, grey hair and big mouth. And no eyebrows. It's a terrific Muppet, but not the most flattering depiction of me ever created.

The Muppet idea went over like a lead balloon. Reminded me of an old performance when we were all doing Rocky Horror at the Hollywood Theater. One of us had the bright idea to use a manniquin as "Janet". It was really funny for two minutes. Then it just became unbearably sad.

Finally, Tim began to actually ask me questions about writing, horror movies, etc. That seemed to go quite well. Charlie and I will sit down and edit the footage sometime during the week. To hedge my bets, though, I'll probably submit a text bio and .jpg pictures to Brian Hopkins. You know, just to be sure...


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