Friday, February 01, 2002

Welcome to Random Acts of Mike Watt.

Following in the vast English shoes of Neil Gaiman, I decided to start my own Blogger. For fun, not because I think I could possibly follow in Mr. Gaiman's footsteps.

Mostly, I want to talk about the publication of my first book: THE RESURRECTION GAME. This is a novelization, actually, based on the screenplay of the movie of the same name. I wrote the script for that, then filmed it with my partners, Amy Lynn Best and Bill Homan. They co-star in the film as well. I show up occassionally to be killed. The movie, if you're interested, can be researched at the terrifically meandering official site:

The book, and I hope you're interested, can be found HERE

There are other webpages that I maintain as well: I have an official "Author's Den" at:Author's Den: Mike Watt

Hollywood is Burning is located at:

Amy's official site is:

I also write for Femme Fatales Magazine. They can be found here:

Please feel free to drop in, or email me, or what have you. Particularly the "whathaveyou" part. That's always fun.


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