Saturday, January 12, 2008

First blog of 2008 is shameless shilling

So... the first official blog of 2008 is little more than a shill. It's been a wild 12 days so far, what with Tara and Dave's wedding, grinding away on the new issue of Sirens of Cinema, and... well, work and more work.

Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut is 99% complete. We're just waiting on voice over from - wait for it - Alan Rowe Kelly! Alan, writer and director of I'll Bury You Tomorrow and The Blood Shed, is lending his vocal talents to the movie as "Devora Simmons", the documentarian who is filming the insantiy of the making of Amy Lee Parker's Tesseract. Once Alan's v.o. is in, Splatter Movie will be ready for the selling. We have a short list of a half-dozen distributors we want to send it to - many of whom actually requested it, which is a nice change from just foisting our work on the unsuspecting.

While we're on the subject of Splatter Movie, if you haven't already done so, you should head on over to the official Splatter Movie Myspace page and check out the fourth and final Amy Lee Parker video blog, which ties directly into the film. (You have to be a friend of the page to view the video - no hacking, downloading or cracking, if you please!)

If this gets you sutably intrigued, you should also head over to Sirens of Cinema, plunk down $20 and receive not only four fantastic issues of the greatest magazine ever created but also the Splatter Movie Companion, a special DVD we created specificially for Sirens that ties in with our newest opus, providing more insight into this bizarre, gory and wonderful movie.

If that's not enough, we're going to soon announce places where you can catch Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut - screenings, film festivals, drive-by projections onto brick walls...

If you aren't suitably excited by now, check your pulse. You might have passed away just after clicking on this message (and using your final breath to check out my latest blog just brings a tear to my eye - thanks, friend!).

Other shills... uh, news: I feel it's my duty to remind you that Fangoria 269, currently on the stands, features a big article on Happy Cloud Pictures, so if you haven't picked that up yet, the terrorists truly have won.

Oh, and I've been added to the official guest line-up for April's Cinema Wasteland, the greatest show on Earth. I'm usually there, but the site makes me an official Important Guest. So there.

More news soon. Please find constructive ways to fill your time until then.

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MvMMDI said...

I just received my first issue of SoC yesterday, and you guys did a damned good job on it. I loved the Angela Bettis interview, and it was nice to see the Strain sisters getting some love as well. I also enjoyed the writeup that the lady of the house did on DVD distribution; that one may not apply to me personally (not being a filmmaker and all), but it made for some great reading and had some very helpful advice. Keep the issues coming like this and I'll keep renewing my subscription, heh.