Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007!

While there were a few setbacks that came with 2007, it was infinitely better than 2006, and I feel fondness towards this dying year. 2007, for the most part, was good to us, though it kicked the asses of a lot of our friends and family. Because, of course, that's what years do. We've forced our lunar cycle into this arbitrary box of time-telling--our year ends tonight, China's ends later in Febrary, and the Aztecs STILL thumb their noses at us--so the year acts appropriately as it trudges along through the 365. It slaps us with tidings good and bad and never in equal amounts. (Good luck, after all, arrives at the door alone, with a small gift and threadbare clothes; bad luck comes with overfilling sacks and has brought all his drunken relatives.)

What 2007 is leaving me with, however, is a sense of calm and inexplicable optimism towards 2008. I can't explain it--no more than I could explain the optimism I felt at the close 2006 (though perhaps that was more desperation than anything else)--but I have high hopes for 2008. And I wish everyone the very best of all possible fortune for the coming year.

So tonight, let us all eat, drink and be merry (or be Carl, what do I care?). Or rest, or cower or hold your breath until the damned ball drops. In other words: Happy New Year!

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