Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Freezing cold and good FANGO news

Our furnace gave out over the weekend, just in time for PA's first cold snap. We're currently bundled up inside the house surrounded by space heaters (thanks to my co-worker, Jessica, for donating her office one for our current cause). No idea how much a replacement will cost or, really, how the fuck we'll pay for it, but, what the hell, right? That's what makes life fun! Anyway, one bit of news before my nethers snap off: pick up a copy of Fangoria 269 in stores now.

Why? Happy Cloud Pictures is featured in the "Notes from the Underground" section. Mr. Gingold and Mr. Timpone invited me to chronicle our ten years a few months back and now here it is in all its glory (with photos by Mike Haushalter, Carolyn Oliver, Bill Homan and Jeff Lewis). Sneak preview of the cover HERE, with a lovely caption summing up the article about midway down the page. The article covers not only our recently-released-through-Bloody-Earth DVD A Feast of Flesh, but talks about our beginnings with the rarely-seen The Resurrection Game and our upcoming Splatter Movie: The Director's Cut. It's like a history lesson and a scoop all at the same time!

I have to confess that this is an abject honor for us. I know it's fashionable among the indie elite to kick Fangoria, but I've been a reader of the mag since I was a little kid—like so many others among us. My dreams have always been to both write for the publication and have one of my movies featured within. With this issue, both dreams have come true and I couldn't be happier!

If only inner warmth could translate to outer warmth…

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Donny said...

OMG! How are you guys doing with the space heaters, is that enough?! Send you love and mental warmth.